Why Safari In Africa ?

Why Safari in Africa ​?

Africa is a continent like no other visited by travelers from all over the world. It’s unique in its biological and geological anomalies, making Africa a prime choice for sight seers and researchers alike. We’ve all seen photographs, TV specials, none of which capture the immersive, incredible environment so few have actually witnessed in person during the wild tour of safari in Africa. Upon departure you’ll feel a bitter-sweet feeling, a feeling you’ve left a piece of yourself behind, of which you can never recover unless you return to Africa. Hugs and tears are common, and in many cases our guides vicariously share this emotional experience with you. After you’re home, back to your normal life, you’ll feel a new sense of joy and clarity, embellishing the memories you’ve created on your trip. Memories that will enrich your life, and through your stories the lives of your loved ones. After your trip to Africa you will return a different person. We are truly honored to take you on this life changing journey.

At this very moment, while you’re considering taking a Safari to Africa, the wildlife is stirring. Right now a lion stalks it’s prey, a zebra is born, while a stork watches from above. It would be a mistake to think there is no place for you in this diverse ecosystem. You’ll leave the continent in better condition than when you arrive through our Conservation Initiative. You’re not only investing in the vacation of a lifetime, but in the future and sustainability of the region. The African travel industry brings great value to the region’s conservation, as the untouched and rich biological environment is much a product in this respect. As long as travelers embrace the region, there will be a clear need to prioritize sustenance of this amazing place. We invite you to take part in this symbiotic relationship we’ve for many years shared with Africa.

Many potential travelers ask us, how will we be perceived by the local cultures? We are honored to answer this question with such positivity. Ombeni was born in Mount Meru, and is well known as a person who never forgot his homeland and has made a positive ongoing impact. Our travelers who seek cultural exploration are delighted in the warm welcome from the Maasai tribes among others.  Although they clearly understand in doing business you are helping the region financially, it doesn’t end there. Not even close. Like you, so many Africans are also curious to become acquainted with a different culture. Children will marvel over your gadgets. On a more light hearted note, you will have fun together. We proudly boast our first hand connection to the region, and offer a unique cultural experience many travel companies simply cannot. You have great options including but not limited to visiting the Ombeni Songoro School, walking with Maasai warriors and Hadzabe tribesmen, and visiting local shops, restaurants, and so much more. You’ll even be invited for a celebratory feast at the Ombeni family home, with activities including acrobats, bonfire, and live native music.

There is no end to what we can tell you about the incredible experiences we offer to our travelers. We expect you to have questions which we’re happy to provide answers from our safari experts. We would love to hear from you. Contact us today for no obligation consultation.

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