Ombeni Outfitters Collections

Ombeni Collections is an authentic collection of arts and goods benefitting the Ombeni Foundation. The Ombeni Collection showcases the art of exceptional African artists who have undiscovered talent. See how your purchase supports education and employment opportunities in Africa.

Everything in the Ombeni Collections are made by and collected by Ombeni’s family from coffee to clothes. Our collection ranges from master art- Tanzanite, Tanzanian Original Arabica Coffee, Robusta Coffee, handmade clothing, African fabrics, Maasai outerwear, African kitchen items, necklaces, bracelets and beyond. 10% of your purchase from Ombeni Collection will support African school children and employment programs  through  The Ombeni Foundation’s projects in Africa.

Ombeni Collection Items

About the Collections:-

1) Arts:- They are made under the light of expertise of our great artist

2) David Mngodo who is an Advisory Board Member for The Ombeni Foundation Education Art and communication These masterpieces are painted by the most talented artist of Tanzania.

Thick canvas art with greatest quality and different sizes:

David is the artist who has worked in different masterpieces and is an award
winning artist. We are sure these masterpieces oh his would definitely persist to
be appraised even by your grandchildren.


Each Available in Size
18 X 24
24 x 36
Carefully printed and Wrapped, Packaging shipping and handling Deliveries.
Deliver 10-15 Days


Tube packaging
18 x 24
24 x 36

3) Clothings and fabric:- Both hand and machine stitched clothes are available at
Ombeni collection. Great colors, awesome designs and natural fabrics embrace
you with the sober warm feeling every time you wear them. Massai outfit are
great to wear in all seasons made by the hands of Africa.

4) Kitchen items:-From apron to utensils we have a large collection of kitchen item
at Ombeni collections. We have got tribal wood forks and spoon, we have got
handmade coasters everything made by great skill workers of Africa with love.

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