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Serengeti Migration Premier- July 2019 VIPS
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Kagotende Serengeti Great Migration Crossing

Are you stuck in “the routine of daily life or having to be politically correct” Throw all that stuff out the window. By joining Ben and Steve on this Unique Safari, you will laugh loudly, have lots of fun, but most of all you will reconnect with Nature and your Soul!
Anyone can sell you a Safari, but NO ONE can give you a total African Experience like (Ben)Ombeni Pallangyo and Steve Krenzen. Ben is a native of Tanzania and the owner of Ombeni African Safaris ( Steve has been arranging Safaris, Expeditions, and True Adventures throughout the African Continent for the past twenty-seven years. ( Together we have over forty five years of experience organizing and leading authentic Safaris.
These two amazing African Experts have decided to share their experiences with you by creating the first ever Ben and Steve’s Wild Safari! You will experience great game viewing, featuring The Serengeti great Migration and The Ngorongoro Crater. Interact with incredible “authentic” local folks as we travel to less known places like Maji, Ngabobo, Songoro, Maramboi and many more. Please finish with us as we travel to Ruaha National Park and The Dodoma Wine Region for some good wine tasting! NOTE: This is not a typical touristy Safari, it is a life changing Soulful Experience!

Ben &Steve’s Wild Safari

Finish with us to Dodoma Wineland and Ruaha Expedition Guided Safari

Ombeni Emanuel
Pallangyo, CEO


Steve Krenzen
Safarigiudes, CEO


Ben and Steve, together with the incredible Ombeni African Safari Team understand how precious your time is! Join us as we Wisk you away from the chaos of our busy world. Together we cover the majestic and the East-African mystique by taking roads less traveled!

You’ll experience:

Kilimanjaro and Arusha Mount Meru The Nyumbani Manor and Maji Sanctuary Lodge, Our home in Africa!
  • The classic game lands of Tarangire and Manyara National Parks Spectacular Ngorongoro Crater Highlights
  • Authentic Cultural and Expert Guides: (Dodoma WineTour) Ruaha
  • African Safari
  • Game Drives with Ben and Steve
  • Guided Walking Safaril
  • Photography
  • Classic Luxury Accomodation , Exclusive Ruaha
  • Park Safari , Serengeti Balloon Safari
  • Dodoma Wine: (Optional) , Mount-Meru Village
  • Meru and Massai Cultural Experience
  • Private Group Safari
  • The Hadzabe- Bush-Man:

Private Migration Safari"

Spring Green Inspiration The Faherty 2019 Safari Roaring Lion in Serengeti National park

Tanzania is an East African country known for the sweeping plains of Serengeti National Park for Serengeti great Migration, home to the “big five” game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino),
and Africa’s highest mountain, found within Kilimanjaro National Park.
With 49,639,138 people, it is the largest country in the world by population, three times the
size of Italy, and slightly larger than twice the size of California. There are more than 120 tribes,
and 126+ languages are spoken, with English and Swahili being the official languages, and
there are 18 developing, 58 vigorous and 40 endangered.

Private Maji Sanctuary Lodge

"Welcome to the beautifully diverse country, Tanzania. Create some unforgettable memories of the life and experience the beauty of nature."

Ben And Steve Africa

Tour hosted by: Ombeni Emanuel & Award winning 50yrs old Tanzanian Legendary Guide, Eliudi Veneti

DAY 1: Arrival - Kilimanjaro International Airport
Your African safari begins when you step off the plane in Kilimanjaro , where you will be met by our professional ground team, guided by Professor Charles Swai. Enjoy a cold drink and a smooth, comfortable ride in our private, customized Land Cruiser, where it’s just a 35-minute trip to our Luxury Arusha park lodge: Maji Sanctuary lodge, as “Maji” means “water” in Swahili. Ombeni’s guests are considered family VIPs, and you will experience what we know about Tanzania as if you were our family.
With family and friends waiting, music on the stereo, a fire in the fireplace and tea and cocktails upon arrival. This Maji Lodge is only ten bedrooms with an additional tented luxury camp, welcoming you as a rustic, intimate oasis tucked away in a tropical plantation,and the perfect place to unwind after your flight. Arusha is only three degrees south of the equator, but its 4,500-foot elevation encourages floral luxuriance an d gentle breezes with birds and monkeys jumping around. Experience Maji sanctuary lodge for 2 evening with all the luxury ammenities.
Day 3: Tarangire National Park The Heart of Tanzania
Your third day features morning and afternoon game drives through the savanna grasslands. Enjoy panoramic views of baobab and acacia trees as you encounter the largest elephants in Africa, as well as eland, zebra, and Cape buffalo that congregate around the waterholes. You will relax at the award-winning Maramboi Luxury Tented Lodge. Enjoy a fantastic dinner and another beautiful night’s sleep among the diverse African wildlife.
Evening 8 & 9 Serengeti Ole serai Luxury Camp: Located in Serengeti National Park between Rongai Hills and Nyaroboro Hills, Ole Serai Luxury Camp offers free WiFi. Guests can enjoy hikes and game drives and scenes of Serengeti great migration. The property features a spa, lounge and a fully stocked bar.
Evening 8-9:Serengeti Great Migration River- Northen Serengeti Oleserai Kagoted Luxury Tented Lodge
Home to the enormous migratory herds during the dry season (July to Nov) during this Serengeti great Migration. The Northern Serengeti remains an unexplored wilderness packed with stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife. The most captivating highlight of this area is undoubtedly the massive herds of migratory wildebeest and zebra during the dry season. However, the North Serengeti also supports an abundance of resident wildlife including lion, elephant, hippo, giraffe, crocodile and the rare oribi antelope.
Today, you’ll bid farewell to the Serengeti and fly on a private aircraft from Serengeti to Arusha. Though you’ll leave Serengeti with memories and photos to last a lifetime, you may wish to bring home a souvenir or two to remember your time with us and Serengeti great Migration drama. We land at Arusha Airport in this beautiful city of colors and culture.You will be warmly welcomed by students, teachers, parents and village elders Great Places to visit in Arusha: Arusha’s Central Market Cultural Heritage Company Antique Makonde Carvers Workshop Swala Gem Traders
EVENING 10: Nyumbani manor Night Celebration
In the evening after the flight from serengeti you will relax at our private estate Nyumbani Manor for Dinner and various entertaining activities.

At Nyumbani
  • You will enjoy an Hideaway from chaos
  • Delicious food with a private culinary team
  • Private Live Music Band
  • BBQ and Cocktail
  • Local expert service from Wameru, Waarusha, and Maasai
  • Enjoy the service of a Legendary at Nyumbani group

This day, We will relax and get ready to depart from Maasai Lodge Near Kilimanjaro Corridor Via- Ngabobo Village: Kilimanjaro Airport We sincerely thank you for traveling with Ombeni African Safaris and hope you have the experience of a lifetime of this Serengeti great migration. Please take all the memories and leave your footprint
In the evening, we will reach the Maramboi Tented Camp. Maramboi is 30 minute distanced from the Tarangire National Park and is a famous known game area. It is also aimed for the lower end of the market for its tourists. If you are keen to view the Tarangire but not interested in visiting the northern are and want to keep your cost down, then Maramboi is the best option. There are larger version suites than the original standards which are more airy and spacious, also featured with the balcony of panoramic views. You can see the wild animals like Zebras, giraffes, warthogs, gazelles between the palm trees from the terrace of your exclusive tent.
DAY 4: LAKE MANYARA & KITELA LODGE Lake Manyara National Park
Lake Manyara has great elephants, a lot of giraffe, zebras, wildebeast, impala, waterbuck, and the little celebrated Kik’s dik dik. Leopards live in the broken forests and on the beautiful escarpments. You may also see Lions in trees! We will follow “The Ernest Hemingway Route”. We’ll relish one last game drive in Tarangire on the way to Lake Manyara, which lies at the bottom of the valley escarpment. See groundwater forests to rushlike plains, and the alcalescent Lake Manyara itself.
Kitela Lodge rises on the slope of a beautiful Valley with stunning views of a coffee plantation and a body of water among the unbelievable highlands of the Ngorongoro Conservation space. It consists of twenty colonial vogue cottages enclosed by stunning gardens, a coffee plantation and a operating farm. On the 4th evening we will stay at the beautiful Kitela lodge.
On the day 5 & 6 we will explore lake Eyasi and Bushman area. Lake Eyasi the home of these tribes is located South West of the Ngoron- goro Crater and conservation area. Its a bumby, dusty ride of around 1.5-2 hours but well worth the effort.Explore with the Bushman at Lake eyasi. Optional guided evening walk near the kisimangeda Camp. Experience an evening walk at the beautiful location of the Lake Eyasi while watching the gorgeous sunset.

Guided by Local Bush Man (Alex Pawale) Ben & Steve

This small tribe of nomadic hunter, gatherers are thought to be the earliest primitive inhabitants of Tropical Africa. Datoga are pastoralists are also skilled silversmith’s who live near the Hadza. We will meetup with them with guides around us
DAY 11: The Ombeni Foundation Mount Meru Village & Maji Sanctuary Lodge
On 11th day , we will visit the Mount meru village. Here you’ll get to see how your choice to safari with Ombeni African Safari impacts the Meru village, as a portion of your safari di- rectly benefits the people of the Meru village, the Songoro Primary School and supporting the development of the Songoro Health Clinic.


1. You will have a delicious lunch with our Ombeni safari chef at our private junction Maji Sanctuary Lodge.
2. Here you can relax for a bit and then can go to take a look of rest of the ombeni foun-
DAY 12: Walking Safari Arusha Park
On your 11th day in Tanzania, you’ll have the option to do a guided biking safari or a guided walking tour with the Maasai, and the opportunity to learn about the traditions of the Maasai, including their dances, costumes and so much more. You can also do a Mount Meru village tour or hike, or enjoy monkey and bird watching at Nyumbani Manor
Day 13: Traditional Maasai Lodge
This is the right place to get to know them and their traditions and rituals, together with a slowing-down of your own lives’ pace. It’s all about being together, traditions, stories and learning from each othe Located in Arusha, Nature Homes – Africa Amini Life Tanzania offers a garden and sun terrace. … Mount Meru Ashcone Hiking Trail is 4.3 mi from Guest houses Tanzania – Africa Amini Life. The nearest airport is Arusha Airport, 16 mi from Guest houses Tanzania – Africa Amini Life
After our drives at lake eyasi and surrounding we will Rest at Kisima Ngeda tented camp. Kisima Ngeda tented camp is the intimate tented lodge set on the shore of Lake Eyasi. On this beautiful shore, we’ll spend our 5th day.Kisima Ngeda Camp offers the seven en-suites with each covering of wood thatch gives a simple rustic appealing with the amenities for relaxation and enjoyment for our guests like bars, restaurants, elegant open dining area for premium experience by the best known servicing staff and platform between the reeds for a romantic dinner under the roof of the stars or for catchy birdwatching
Opening its doors in August 2016, Entamanu is one of the newest properties on the rim owned by Nomad’s, and is sat on the remote northwestern rim of the crater. Sleeping a maximum of 16 people, the camp offers that intimate and peaceful feel that other larger properties on the crater do not. The seventy four guest rooms and one suite at the Ngorongoro Serena hunting expedition. Lodge blends the almost unspeakable beauty and magnitude of the Ngorongoro Crater with unique standards for comfort and courtesy. Clinging to the Crater rim to a lower place stream stone and a cloak of native vines, this accommodation is thus seamlessly entwined with the landscape, guests can’t ignore and thus feel united with the natural surroundings.
DAY 8: Serengeti Balloon Safari within Bush Champagne Breakfast
Serengeti, derived from the Maasai word, “siringet”, means “the place where the land runs on forever”. This beautiful park covers 5,700 square miles of grassland plains, savanna, riverine forest and woodlands famous for its Serengeti Great migration. More than 2 million wildebeest make up the largest population of big mammals that still roam the planet, and are accompanied by 250,000 zebra, 5,000 African bush elephant and the largest population of lions in Africa. On this Serengeti great Migration, you’ll also have the chance to spot leopards, giraffes, impala and hippos on a private guided walking safari with parkrangers. It’s the perfect end to an amazing experience and your day has only just begun ACTIVITIES:-
  • 1. From 1.2hrs, it depends on the conditions, Explore the Serengeti from above.
  • Followed by in Bush Champagne breakfast: Serengeti sunset safari happy hours.
DAY 9: Serengeti Balloon Safari within Bush Champagne Breakfast
As the sun peaks just above the horizon, a peaceful quiet surrounds you. You step onto your private hot air balloon and begin to soar through the sky. The sun rises, a torch burning through the fluffy clouds, illuminating the savanna below. Here, with an eagle eye view of the perfect landscape, time stands still as Africa’s Great Migra tion plays out below.It’s the perfect end to an amazing experience and your day has only just begun


1. From 1.2hrs, it depends on the conditions, Explore the Serengeti and the Serengeti great Migration from above.
2. Followed by in Bush Champagne breakfast: Serengeti sunset safari happy hours.
Day 13: Relaxing with educational adventure activities With Maasai Warriors
On your final day in Tanzania, you’ll have the option to do a guided biking safari or a guided walking tour with the Maasai, followed by a spear competition activity,
  • opportunity to learn about the traditions of the Maasai, in- cluding their dances, costumes and so much more
  • .
  • You can also do a Mount Meru village tour or hike, or enjoy monkey and bird watching at African Amini Life Lodge.
On the evening we will stay at Massai lodge at Ngabobo Kilimanjaro where we will relax and prepare for the departure to our way back to home. We will have a brisk night walk along side the blue night sky and go back to bed.

The Ombeni Foundation

The Ombeni Foundation is a non-profit, mission-based organization dedicated to supporting & providing for the needs people in the village of Mount Meru Tanzania and beyond…We support multiple projects to ensure the population meets basic, human needs such as shelter, food, & medical support, School supplies, sports supplies, Fresh drinking water, shoes and beyond.. Ombeni Foundation is affiliated with Ombeni African Safaris, which helps fund its projects, Ombeni Pallangyo’s personal funds, a native of Mount Meru village Tanzania and the head of operations for both entities.
So bring tools for Fundi while coming on this safari to help them
PRICE:- $11,950 pp
African Safari Packages

With More Than 55 Years Of Experience Team
“Personalizedis more Meaningful”
We treat every guest as a member of
Ombeni family away from town

Preparation & Policy

14 days Ben and Steve:- Africa

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Get the perfect safari experience of lifetime


  • Private Safaris Group: Game drives and activities as mentioned
  • Meals as per itinerary- Full -Board- Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner, Teatime, Coffe, etc
  • All Park entrance fees, GRR and community crossing Experienced local guides
  • Internal flights within Africa: Taxes and levy
  • Airport transfers on day of arrival and departure of the tour
  • Aboard- Soft drinks: Water, Soda, coffee, tea
  • Ombeni Safaris Complimentary African combination beers (aboard in Land-Cruiser)
  • Binoculars & Wifi
  • Captain Ombeni- Safari (Exclusive Tost Nights) (Special)

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  • Internation flights- (Ombenis Safaris will assist with booking)
  • Optional activities
  • Special drinks
  • Gratuities- Personal expenses such as telephone calls, curios etc.
  • Travel insurance- (Ombeni Safaris help you with planning if needed)

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Serengeti sunrise Hot Air Balloon Safari with in bush champagne breakfast, at early morning, Book before March 2019.

“It's more than just a safari; it's a life-changing experience.”

"Our safari to Tanzania under the auspices of Ombeni African Safaris was one of the most memorable vacations we ever had. The guides we had were professional, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and personable. We were more than satisfied with the services they provided. We were amazed at what we saw while on safari. We visited five national parks, and the wildlife viewing was beyond our wildest imagination. We saw vast varieties of wildlife up close and personal. The accommodations at the lodges we stayed at were very good, and we enjoyed the food. We are extremely satisfied with our experience."
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Spot the "Big Five", Meet the Maasai, Make Lifetime Memories!

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