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Wisconsin Public Television

Ombeni African Safari founder, Ben Pallangyo, is an avid supporter of Wisconsin Public Television. Each year, he donates at least one safari valued at more than $6,900, for their fundraising auction. 

Buzzed into Maddison

Ombeni African Safari founder, Ben Pallangyo, is an avid travel industry legend interviewed by Madison Magazinein December 28, 2016

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Pilgrimage back to Tanzania featured in the Hues Article

The Lost Executive article

Published by Madison Magazine

April 13th2017

“My tours are very personal because we have family, often my own family, running operations. And we really get to know our customers so closely they become like family, too,” says 31-year-old Ben, who started his company at 19 years old, after graduating from Nairobi Institute with tourism, hotel management and linguistics degrees.

migration safari Giraffe
the Serengeti & Beyond

To the Serengeti & Beyond

Published by Shanghai Madness

December 18, 2015

“Now here is something that I think needs to be mentioned outright: Ombeni Safaris made every single second of our trip the absolute most fun it could possibly be. From the moment we started planning our trip, to the second that those plans went into execution, we had not a worry in the world. The fact that we could even enjoy a long drive along a basically straight road with a lot of scenery and little to do was incredible.”

Published by Bizzare Globe Hopper

June 9th, 2015

“All the guides of Ombeni Safaris have graduated from the widely respected Mweka Wildlife College. After a 4-year degree, they are further trained at Ombeni African Safaris for a whole year so that eventually they’d know every possible route inside the national parks and can meet every possible need of the western tourists. Ombeni African Safaris trains guides for free and provides them also a unique opportunity to visit the US so that they would see where the majority of their customers come from. Unlike most of the safari companies, Ombeni African Safaris also uses women drivers and guides, which we admire. Equal safari companies are still pretty rare in Tanzania.”

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Tanzania Elephant

Published by The Joy Trip Project

March 30th2015

“Here in Tanzania I have had the great pleasure to enjoy with delight wonder and awe the national parks at Arusha, Tarangerie, Serengeti, Ngronogoro Crater and Manyara Lake. Modeled after the American concept to preserve and protect habitat for thousands of unique animal species it is fair to suggest that the national parks are also Africa’s Best Idea.”

Published by Wisconsin State Journal

September 30th2013

“The engine driving Pallangyo’s Tanzania dreams — he’s also helping fund an orphanage and has hopes for a medical clinic — is Ombeni African Safaris (, a company he founded with family and friends in Tanzania and continues to operate from his current outpost in Madison.

With its abundant wildlife, game preserves and national parks, Tanzania, in east Africa, has become a popular tourist destination. Ombeni’s tours offer a wide variety of experiences, from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to swimming with dolphins on a beach in Zanzibar to witnessing the great migration of wildebeests in the Serengeti.”

ombeni founder at his chiladhood school
Ombeni African Safaris