Going Green & Clean Environment

We at Ombeni African Safari provide all the nature-friendly environment for tourism.

Ombeni Safaris sustaining the beauty of Africa

We took birth on this land. It has nourished us & we all grew on its plains. It is our responsibility to sustain the beauty of our home. We have to think now for the beautifully preserved nature for the future generation. Ombeni Safaris is committed to a responsible travel while investing in Africa and leaving Africa a better place for generations to come. We at Ombeni African Safari provide all the nature-friendly environment for tourism. The enchantment of nature power also attracts the tourists and overwhelm them to appreciate our efforts to realm the thoughts of responsible tourism. We continued working and coming up with new ideas for the thought of Green Africa, Some of our outstanding ideas are:

Digital Itineraries

Less Paper Print

"At Ombeni Safari we are eliminating printing:" We at Ombeni Safari believe in accepting the modernization with maintaining the tradition. We are advanced but also consider in green. And combining technology with nature, we discover a new way of advertisement. We are eliminating the print media advertisement such as banners, posters, and holdings. Instead of them, we are using the demographic advertisement for our Itineraries description.

No Plastic at Ombeni Safaris

We are operating at four different No plastic on Safari: Usually, we start our journey of safari drives after your meal has been served. But also the fun of tourism comes with meals. We at Ombeni Safaris believe in no plastic on Safaris, therefore, we offer ceramic based containers and paper-bags for the snacks on safari drives for the tourists who like to eat snacks while watching the astonishing wildlife views. Our tour guides also advise you to respect the home of wild things and describe its beneficial points for green world. We eliminate plastics and Recycle 100%: With the use of ceramic containers and paper bags, we eliminate plastics and the trashed paper bags are then recycled for the unlimited future use.

Driving/ Vehicle Certification:

Our specially designed 4x4 land cruisers are entirely Eco-friendly and provide less or no effect to the environment. Also, We change our Land Cruisers often as we bring new models to offer clean and efficient safari drives in regards with the comfort of the tourists and healthy environment. We eliminate long driving and offer fresh safari drives after some regular interval of time, which helps in eliminating your exhaustion through are luxurious lodges and grand pools. Also, it provides a suitable time for the nature to forget to the interference of tourism and helps to protect our land and animal.

Planting Trees

We take part in planting trees where we operate and our guest have the chance to "Plant A tree" Plant your own: Name it. Traveling responsibly with sustainability in mind of every step

Bid high on this safari adventure, valued at twenty four hundred dollars.


Hot Air Balloon Serengeti Safari for four

Hot Air Balloon ride for four Bush Champagne Breakfast

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If you will buy the amazing baloon safari from one of our Safari partner the payment will all be used to help the children of Africa. Your generosity can help us in shaping the future of childrens

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