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Join the 2020 Dream Safari

Explore Tanzania with the amazing 13 Day excursion 2020 Dream Safari led by the Ombeni African Safaris with the retired Award Winning guide possessing 50 Years of experience as a Tanzanian legendary Guide, Eliudi Veneti and the owner of the company as a Safari captain and Tanzanian Iconic Legendary Guide Ombeni- President and CEO. Visit the wilderness of Tanzania, roam the beautiful reserve parks and experience the unique cultures of the tribes.

This Amazing dream Safari leads you to a never experienced trip of beautifully diverse Tanzanian highlights. Giving you the glances of wild animals of Tanzania at their natural habitats, indulging you in the traditions of the local Maasai warrior tribes, witnessing the famous African big Five species with lots of iconic animals and plants species which can only be seen in Tanzania and a lot more to experience. 2020-Dream Safari is full of the never experienced treasure of adventures. With the experienced Tanzanian Iconic Legendary Guide, Eliudi Veneti and the CEO and president of the company accompanied by his former professors, Prof. Christian Ndege and Prof. Charles Sway, you will feel an opening of the magical tour. This dream Safari experience has come to its existence after the years of planning and complete research since 2016. And now this epic dream Safari brings a lot of transformational opportunity to visit the rare access to Africa.


2020 Dream Safari

A bit about your hosts

Meet Ombeni
The President & C.E.O

Africa and Tanzania Leading Expert Legend with integrity, Faith and Expert Knowledge to lead from the highest and most respected institution in the world

I’m proud to say it loud that my team and I know Africa better than anyone, Our company was crafted from the fundamental idea and mission to transforming safari towards an equal opportunity an beyond, In understanding the privilege and values of offering the highest and most professional hospitality. ( The safari Grandfather legend Eliud Veneti)  who has now retired but remains key advisory, I’m particularly proud to share that knowledge with all our guests. With us, you will see, experience, taste, and smell Africa like never before. You will explore Africa’s backbone where you will discover magical things. 

Born and raised in Africa; I’ve studied, researched, and trekked this land and I know secret roots, Your safaris will be special, As our guest, you will receive the red carpet treatment everywhere you go. 

I will show you my home village, where no other tourists visit. You will celebrate with the Wameru Tribe, Maasai tribe, sipping local wines and tasting organic coffee from our family farm to your table. The personalized safari is an unequaled immersion in the fabled beats of Africa in an extraordinary style.”

                      – Featured in Tv3, sister of CBS channel3000, buzzed into Madison
                      – Featured in Wisconsin state journal
                      – Featured in Wisconsin Public television: Giving back to Africa
                      – Featured in Capital city hues magazine: By Jonathan Gramling.

Witness the Great world class Accommodation

Years of research, therefore, you can experience, taste and witness the most magnificent world-class accommodations and cuisine


Arrival Date to Kilimanjaro: (November 4th, 2019)

Departure Date From Kilimanjaro (November: 16th 2019)


Registration now Open- Close on June 1st, 2019 Price $14,850 Person Luxury Full Board Accommodations Included: All Meals, Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner Serengeti Arusha Flight, Beers, Water, Soda, Juice Aboard on the safari vehicle All Entry Park Fees Concession Fees GRR- and Local communities Taxes, Transits Tanzania Visa Tanzania VIP Arrival-

Please be advised: Accommodation are subject to change
on the basis of time of registration


An African Safari can be experienced from any corner of the continent and can be enjoyed in a different manner each time. Visiting Africa through diverse Tanzania will be the most beautiful adventure. For making this adventure much extraordinary, Ombeni African Safaris has discovered a new wondrous Safari experience- The 2020-Dream Safari which will take you to a new adventure of enchanting Tanzania. This epic 2020-dream Safari will unleash so many treasures of adventure which will fill you with an extreme pleasure. A pleasure to meet the wilderness, a pleasure to meet the natural beauty and a pleasure to meet your own inner strength. This legendary Safari will take you to the adventure of Ruaha National Park, the Ruaha Park and its river performs as the great source of drinking water and a source to witness the variety of animals coming there to drinking. It offers a land of endangered African wild dogs and the recovering population of Elephants. The diversity not only ends with the Ruaha National Park, if Ruaha has a variety of animals at its peaks then Serengeti National Park has its own vital role in giving the enchanting view of great migration for which the travellers from the different places come to visit. It is the great land to watch the dramatic view of migration, predators hunting who are waiting for their toll and also a permanent home for giant animals like hippos, elephants.

lodge kietela

Tanzanian Safari not only resists up to watching the wild species but also a great collection of the cultures. Ngorongoro Crater is counted as the most famous place for the budding anthropologist to study about the ancient civilizations because of its links to the Maasai people, who still reside here. And the shape of the park with its beautiful crater forms a home to endangered black rhino and brings various species together. Our Safari destinations will take you to an unimaginable Tarangire national park and the Ombeni foundation adventure trip with the acknowledging tour of the coffee farm. We also take you to a blissful Destinations where you will wake up with the sunrise in front of your eyes with the essence of fresh coffee aroma direct from our coffee farm in Mount Meru village. World class chef and cuisine at your service all round the clock at your disposal with farm fresh pick and the dedicated staff in your services to provide complete comfort after the drive experience.

2020 Dream Safari

Ombeni African Safaris has discovered a new epic Safari experience after years of experience and research since 2016 which will unleash all the beautiful treasures of the Tanzania.

World-Class Safari Lodges

We have planned this 2020 Dream Safari to give you the better experience of relaxation with our luxurious accommodations to deliver the ultimate comfort and pleasure. Release your exhaustion and feel the indulgence of the roaring wilderness outside.

"Welcome to the beautifully diverse country, Tanzania. Create some unforgettable memories of the life and experience the beauty of nature."

2020 Dream Safari Itinerary

Tour hosted by: Ombeni Emanuel & Awarding winning 50yrs old Tanzanian Legendary Guide, Eliudi Veneti
Day 1: Arrival - Kilimanjaro and Nyumbani Manor
Your African safari begins when you step off the plane at Kilimanjaro International Airport, where you will be met by our professional ground team. Enjoy a cold drink and a smooth, comfortable ride in our private, customized Land Cruiser. It’s just a 35-minute trip to the luxurious Nyumbani manor private estate. Arusha is only three degrees south of the equator, but its 4,500-foot elevation encourages floral luxuriance and gentle breezes. Enjoy dinner at the Nyumbani manor and have a good night sleep to prepare your body for the 12 day long tour.
Day 2&3: The Wild Front of Tarangire National park night
On the 2nd Day, we will reach the wild front of Tarangire national park and is a famous known game area. It is also aimed for the lower end of the market for its tourists. If you are keen to view the wilderness then Tarangire national park is the best option.

ActivitiesActivities at Tarangire National park:-
1.Game drive at Tarangire National park Morning and afternoon.
2.Guided walk near the camp for sightseeing
3. Roaming at the wild front of Lake manyara national Park

Maramboi tented camp is 30 minute distanced from the Tarangire National Park There are larger version suites than the original standards which are more airy and spacious, also featured with the balcony of panoramic views.
Day 4:Ernest Hemingway route of Lake Manyara National park
On Day 4 we will head our way to the Ernest Hemingway Route for adventurous activities in Lake Manayara National park.

1.Game drive Across the National park
2.Sightseeing for Zebras and lake birds

During the drive of the Lake Manyara national Camp, we will encounter the various views of large animals like Giraffes, Cape Buffaloes and elephants.

On the evening we will set out at Kitela Lodge. Kitela Lodge rises up on the hillside of a valley with beautiful views of a coffee plantation and a waterfall within the incredible highlands of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It consists of 20 colonial style cottages surrounded by beautiful gardens, a coffee plantation and a working farm. “

The best of Africa is waiting for you

Day 5: Ngorongoro Crater and Angata tented camps
Day 5 start with the wilderness intense region of Ngorongoro crater full of big mammals.

Activities:-1. A full day game drive at Ngorongoro Conservation Crater
2. Here at Ngorongoro Conservationa crater we will see big rhinos
3. African buffalo, Black Rhino, Big bucks and much will be explored in Ngorongoro Crater. A full day game drive inside Ngorongoro Crater is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity to spot all the African wildlife you’ve been yearning to see. The crater is technically a caldera: world’s largest unflooded caldera, in fact. It’s more than 2,000 feet deep with a floor covering over 102 square miles. Wildlife viewing here is fantastic, as most of the animals stay in this area year round.

At night we will stay at the famous Aganta Camp named after the Maasai’s word for “wilderness”, Ang’ata is also a region of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area called Ang’ata Kiti.
Day 6-7: Serengeti national park: vast migration spot (3 Nights)
On Day 6 we will mark our journey toward the heart of Serengeti national park.

Activities:- Full 2 days game drives in the wide Whole park . We will step inside the mighty Serengeti National park for Game drives and Spotting migration of the Zebras and wild beast. Serengeti, derived from the Maasaiword, “siringet”, means “the place where the land runs on forever”. This beautiful park covers 5,700 square miles of grassland plains, savanna, riverine forest and woodlands.

More than 2 million wildebeest make up the largest population of big mammals that still roam the planet, and are accompanied by 250,000 zebra, 5,000 African bush elephant and the largest population of lions in Africa. Here, you’ll also have the chance to spot leopards, giraffes, impala and hippos on a private guided walking safari with park rangers.

At night we will stay the the Kubu Kubu Tented camp at serengeti national park. Kubu Kubu is a luxurious camp with 25 tents with private bathroom in each camp with singles and double bed options.
Day8: Fly from Serengeti to Arusha: Nights The Nyumbani Manor Arusha: Nights Celebration
On Day 8 You’ll end your day at Nyumbani, where you’ll experience “The Ombeni Experience Dinner Night Celebration”, directed by Cassius Mlewa Maganga, artistic coordinator, musician, professor and lecturer from the University of Tumaini Makumira. Cassius has performed all over the world including Germany, Sweden, England, Zanzibar and more

Activities:- •You will enjoy an Hideaway from chaos •Delicious food with a private culinary team:
1. Private Live Music Band,
2. BBQ and coktail
3. Local expert service from Wameru, Waarusha, and Maasai,
4. Enjoy the service of a Legendary at Nyumbani group
Day 9: Mount meru village with exclusive Nyumbani Celebration Night
Today we’ll spend time at the ombeni foundation where you will see the Songoro school children. The Mokombozi Computer lab project. We will see how ombeni safari is putting great efforts in shaping the future of Mount Meru Village. We will head our way to the coffee plantation tour to our private coffee plantation farm filled with essence and aroma of real coffee.

1. Ombeni Foundation tour of songoro school
2. Mokombozi Lab Project tour
3. Coffee plantation tour
4. Nyumbani Night Celebration
Day 10-11:Arusha Park: Walking Safaris The Traditional Maasai Lodge by
Today we will head to the Maasai Lodge, it is special place where you immediately will come to rest and reflect on the essentials. In the middle of the wilderness of the Maasai steppe are seven bungalows with hand crafted furniture with great view on the Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. Behind it and until the border of Kenya there is the savanna, home to the Maasai people . This is the right place to get to know them and their traditions and rituals, together with a slowing-down of your own lives’ pace. It‘s all about being together, traditions, stories and learning from each other

1.Full game drive at Arusha national park.
2. Guided walk nearby Massai, an amazing example of Culture and simplicity.We’ll explore Arusha National Park which includes Mount Meru, a prominent volcano, and the second highest peak in Tanzania after Mount Kilimanjaro. On a guided walking safari with the MaassaiWarriors, we’ll also have a chance to see scenes from Hatari!, the 1962 John Wayne movie set against Mount Meru.
Day 12:- Departure
We will depart for Kilimanjaro International Airport whenever you’d like before your scheduled flight. We sincerely thank you for traveling with Ombeni African Safaris and hope you have the experience of a lifetime


Choose from the upcoming safari events below, all hosted by the legendary Ombeni African Safaris and Awarding winning 50yrs old Tanzanian Legendary Guide, Eliudi Veneti.

All safaris include airfare, ground transportation, trip insurance, tax, and full-board accommodation in luxurious safari lodges. All meals, refreshments, snacks, and gratuities are on us. During the whole length of the safari, you’ll travel in a luxurious 4×4 Land Cruiser with a highly trained wildlife expert.

11 Days - 15th November to 27th November 2019

The 2020 Dream Safari Expertly Guided Tanzania Safari



Explore Africa Beyond Imagination: 11- Day All-Inclusive Luxury Package

11 Days - 21st July to 2nd AUG 2018

Tanzania Serengeti Migration Safari


The Mighty Tanzania: Special 11-Day All-Inclusive Luxury Package

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Serengeti sunrise Hot Air Balloon Safari with in bush champagne breakfast, at early morning, Book before 2019.

“It's more than just a safari; it's a life-changing experience.”

"Our safari to Tanzania under the auspices of Ombeni African Safaris was one of the most memorable vacations we ever had. The guides we had were professional, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and personable. We were more than satisfied with the services they provided. We were amazed at what we saw while on safari. We visited five national parks, and the wildlife viewing was beyond our wildest imagination. We saw vast varieties of wildlife up close and personal. The accommodations at the lodges we stayed at were very good, and we enjoyed the food. We are extremely satisfied with our experience."
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