Why we are different?

Internal Flights

Time is precious on a safari, and although there is nice scenery from the road, we don't believe commuting long hours in a jeep is part of a top-end safari experience. Witness the incredible view from your plane while en-route to a prime destination, where you'll be energized after a short exhilarating flight. Photo: Cessna Citation 550 Jet

Small Groups

Although we do arrange group events, it is our ongoing commitment to offer a remote, private experience for our travelers who of course wish to get away from the bustle of society on their trip. You'll find yourself immersed in nature and not fellow-tourists. Our family ties and experience in the region grants us the unique ability to escape the beaten path, offering our travelers an extremely rich safari experience.

Photo: South Africa - Resting Leopard


No Tipping

We want you to be comfortable on your trip, and we're always pondering ideas for how we can further improve the best parts of our service. But we don't stop there. Identifying aspects that are stressful is also our job, and due to this consideration, you'll never experience many of these moments. That said- we'll take care of the tipping for you, and we do a great job keeping our team and partners happy. Hidden costs are not something we embrace, nor do we believe in assigning responsibility to our travelers. Just relax and enjoy your time, that's it. No tipping, that's our policy.

Photo: Serengeti Sopa Lounge - Outdoor Dining

Drinks Included

From the time we pick you up at the airport and throughout your trip, you'll be offered a variety of choice beverages including regional wines, craft beer, bottled water, and soft drinks. If you're in the mood to celebrate with cold spirits, we'll go get it for you and likely pick up the tab as well.


Meals Included

This includes everything from snacks to sit down dining at your restaurant of choice. We'll plan meals for you, and you're welcome to deviate on a whim in the likely case you're enticed by a local restaurant. You pick when and where you eat. We'll pick up the tab/tip while you enjoy the delectable local cuisine, often in view of some of the world's most magnificent landscapes.

Photo: Breakfast Overlooking Ngorongoro Crater